LET’S TALK THF – Documentation of the conference on the Tempelhof airport building

To think along and interact!

Let us present to you: The Tempelhof airport building, or THF for short. Many may not know it very well, only from a distance (from the field) or from another time. But right now is a good moment for a new approach: Important decisions about the use, renovation or renewal as well as the costs will be taken in the coming years, because a new urban quarter is to be created in this 312,000m2 building within the next few years.

How should this be approached? What challenges and opportunities arise? What do we actually know about the Tempelhof airport building – its history, its many spaces and what is inside them? How must the development be shaped in order for THF to become part of the solution to current and future challenges?

At the interactive conference "LET'S TALK THF - THF, LASS UNS REDEN" from September 1-3, 2021 many future makers came together to discuss the past, present and future of the Tempelhof airport building: initiatives, committed residents, politicians, members of associations, artists, cultural workers, administrative staff, activists and many more.

During the three days of the conference, experiences and expertise were exchanged and short- and long-term action plans were drafted that show how the THF can contribute to achieving the sustainability goals in Berlin.

The result is a basis for discussion that contains concrete ideas as well as necessary next steps and offers to politicians and administrators. It does not claim to be complete, but rather aims to stimulate public dialogue on the development of the airport building.

The documentation with all actions, political statements and the conclusion is available here in English and German.

The complete programme with all actions can be found on the conference website.

You can watch the parts of the programme that were broadcast online at the following links:

Day 1 - Shaping the Future (the work in the groups was not broadcast online).
Day 2 - Connecting strands: Relationship Status: It's complicated. But possible.
Day 2 - Be the Change Airport Stage: Inspiration - Networking - Music
Day 3 - Finding Paths: What's next, THF? The responsibility of politics for Tempelhof Airport

LET'S TALK THF! - the conference on Tempelhof Airport was organised by THF Vision gUG, Berlin 21 e.V., Torhaus Berlin e.V. & Mehrwertvoll e.V. and supported by Stiftungsfond der GLS Treuhand.

We would like to thank all participating initiatives and supporters.

Am 13 Dezember 2021